Secured Folders (Password protected folders) In WebsitePanel

DotNetPanel offers the ability to password protect your files and folders using secured folders. 

Note: you will also want to review the following Prerequisites for Secure Folder in DNP (IIS7) article.

1 ) Open Web Site Properties page

2 ) Select Secured Folders tab and click Enable Secured Folders button

3 ) Click on the Add Folder to to add secured folder

4 ) Name the folder and select the folder path

5) Tick on which User/Group have the privilige to access the folder.

Kindly refer to the step as below for create the User/Group

To create a new secure group

1 ) Click Add Group button. 

2 ) Secure Group Properties page will open.

3 ) Type the name of the group in the Group Name box and click Save button. 

To create a new secure user

1 ) Click Add User button. 

2 ) Secure User Properties page will open. Type user name, password, retype password in the User Name, User Password, Confirm password boxes. 

3 ) Select secure groups in which you want to add this user and click Save button.