IIS7 Request Filtering

IIS 7.0 incorporates all the core features of URLScan into a module called Request Filtering and added a feature called Hidden Segments. This list of IIS.net links recaps each of the features Request Filtering provides and gives a real world example of how to apply it to your environment.

Request Filtering may be managed via the IIS Manager if IIS Delegation has been enabled.

1. maxAllowedContentLength this is the upper limit on the content size.
2. maxUrl this is the upper bound on a URL length.
3. maxQueryString this is the upper bound on the length of a query string.

  • Filter by Verbs - This feature defines a list of VERBS that IIS 7.0 accepts as part of a request.
  • Filter Based on URL Sequences - This feature defines a list of sequences that IIS 7.0 rejects when it is part of a request.