How do I create a Web Site in WebsitePanel?

How do I create a Web Site in DotNetPanel?

When your hosting account is activated, your website and domain will already be setup in DotNetPanel. In the event, you purchase an addon domain
for your hosting space you can use these instructions to create the website. 

To create your web site under a domain name please follow these instructions:

1. Log into DotNetPanel -

2. Click on your Hosting Plan under User Spaces.

3. Select the "Web Sites" link on the right menu.

4. Click "Create Web Site" Button.

5. Click "Add Domain" button and Enter the domain name you wish to add and click Add Domain.

6. Finally, select the new domain name from drop down box and Click "Create Web Site"

This creates your web site under your chosen domain name.

To change the domain name or activate a different web site under a different domain, simply delete this web site and then follow the above steps to recreate a web site using a different domain.