Are FrontPage Server Extensions available on Windows 2008 VDS?

Windows 2008 does not currently ship with any type of FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE). This is because, FPSE 2002 is part of the Office XP system of products. The Office XP system, including FPSE 2002, left mainstream support on July 11th, 2006, according to the Office lifecycle policy.   All newer versions of the FrontPage/Expression Web software do not use FPSE anylonger, thus there is no built in support through Microsoft for this.

However, Microsoft has worked with a third party to release a free download of FPSE that will work in a limited fashion with Windows 2008/IIS7. This version is NOT installed on any Windows 2008 VDS, but you are free to download and install it yourself.  NOTE: We will not provide any support on this product as it is un-supported by Microsoft.

The download for FPSE that has been updated to work on Windows 2008/IIS7 can be found here: