How do I use MS SQL Management Studio Express to connect to my MS SQL Express database on my Windows VDS?

The following article explains how to use SQL Management Studio Express to connect to your SQL Express database on your Windows VDS. Through SQL Management Studio Express, you can manage the information in your database directly, from your local machine, rather than having to connect to your VDS server. If you do not have a copy of Management Studio Express, you can obtain a copy from Microsoft for free by clicking here (select SQLServer2008 Express with Tools).


To connect to your database, please follow these steps:

1) Click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 and select SQL Server Management Studio Express

2) Enter the requested information:

  • Server Type: select Database Engine
  • Server Name: enter the IP address of your VDS server followed by \SQLEXPRESS
  • you might also try connecting with just the ip address.
  • Authentication: select SQL Server Authentication
  • Login: enter the username for your database
  • Password: enter the password for your database

3) Click Connect.

Management Studio Express will now connect you to your SQL Express database.