Managing the Windows Firewall in your Windows VDS

Do not block port 3389 (RDP). This is used for the Remote Desktop Connection. Blocking this port will lock you out of your VDS.

The Windows Firewall allows you to open and close specific ports for both incoming and outgoing internet traffic. In order for internet users to access services on a specific port (for example, connecting to an FTP server or your email server) you will need to make sure that the specific port is open for incoming communication. To do this:

1) Open the Windows Firewall by clicking on Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall.

2) Click on the Advanced tab.

3) Make sure that the WAN network connection is selected. JMPLAN is the WebECS Admin only network connection, which should be left un-checked.

4) Click on the Exceptions tab.

5) Open or Close a service port:

  • To open a port, tick the checkbox next to the listed service.
  • To close a port, un-tick the checkbox next to the listed service.

6) Click OK.