How do I add a FTP user on my Windows VDS?

The following article explains how to create an FTP user for your website on your Windows VPS. FTP is used to transfer your files from your local machine to you VPS. The new FTP user is configured in Internet Information Services (IIS).


To configure an FTP site in IIS, please follow these steps:

1) Log into your server through Remote Desktop Connection (instructions for connecting to your server through RDC can be found here).

2) Create the Windows user that will be used for FTP. This is only necessary if the user has not already been created.

3) Click Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

4) Expand local computer and right click on FTP Sites.

5) Click New and select FTP Site.

6) Click Next to begin.

7) Type in a description for the FTP site. This is usually the domain name but can be anything that you prefer to distinguish the site from others.

8) Click Next.

9) Type in the IP address of the website. FTP port should be 21.

10) Click Next.

11) Select the FTP user isolation. We recommend selecting Do not isolate users as access will be based on the permissions set on the website directory.

12) Enter or browse to the directory this FTP user should have access to.

13) Select the check boxes for the type of permissions you would like.

  1. Read: allows the FTP user to view the contents of the directory.
  2. Write: allows the FTP user to write to the directory.

14) Click Next and then Finish.

15) Right click the FTP site and select Properties.

16) Select the Security Accounts tab.

17) Uncheck Allow anonymous connections.

18) Click OK.

Once the FTP site is configured in IIS you will need to assign the FTP user you created to the FTP site.


To assign a user to the FTP site, please follow these steps:

1) Right click the FTP site and select Permissions.

2) Click Add.

3) Enter the name of the FTP user and click OK.