w3 JMail Free Sample Code (ASP)

This example shows just how easy it is to create an email on the fly with w3 JMail.

Additional documention for w3 JMail can be found at: http://www.dimac.com/Products/w3JMail/Manuals/w3JMail45Manual.pdf

<title>Confirmation </title> 
Set JMail = Server.CreateObject ("JMail.SMTPMail")  
' This is my local SMTP server  
JMail.ServerAddress = "mail.yourdomain.com:25" 
' This is me....  
JMail.Sender = "myemail@mydomain.net" 
JMail.Subject = "Here you go..." 
' Get the recipients mailbox from a form (note the lack of a equal sign).  
JMail.AddRecipient "mum@any.com"  
JMail.AddRecipient "dad@some.com"  
' The body property is both read and write.  
' If you want to append text to the body you can  
' use JMailJMail.Body = JMail.Body & "Hello world! "  
' or you can use JMail.AppendText "Hello World! "  
' which in many cases is easier to use.  
JMail.Body = "Here you go. Your request has been approved" &_  
"and the program is attached to this message"  
' 1 - highest priority (Urgent)  
' 3 - normal  
' 5 - lowest  
JMail.Priority = 1 
JMail.AddHeader "Originating-IP", Request.ServerVariables ("REMOTE_ADDR")  
' Must make sure that IUSR_???? has access to the following files.  
JMail.AppendBodyFromFile "e:\mail\standard_footer.txt"< BR> JMail.AddAttachment "e:\products\MyProduct.exe"  
' Send it...  
<center> An e-mail has been sent to your mailbox ( <%=request.form ("email")%> ). </center> 

This example shows just how easy it is to create an email on the fly with w3 JMail.


<title>Confirmation </title>

Set JMail = Server.CreateObject ("JMail.SMTPMail")

' This is my local SMTP server
JMail.ServerAddress = "mail.yourdomain.com:25"

' This is me....

JMail.Sender = "myemail@mydomain.net"
JMail.Subject = "Here you go..."

' Get the recipients mailbox from a form (note the lack of a equal sign).
JMail.AddRecipient "mum@any.com"
JMail.AddRecipient "dad@some.com"

' The body property is both read and write.
' If you want to append text to the body you can
' use JMail.Body = JMail.Body & "Hello world! "
' or you can use JMail.AppendText "Hello World! "
' which in many cases is easier to use.

JMail.Body = "Here you go. Your request has been approved" &_
"and the program is attached to this message"

' 1 - highest priority (Urgent)
' 3 - normal
' 5 - lowest

JMail.Priority = 1

JMail.AddHeader "Originating-IP", Request.ServerVariables ("REMOTE_ADDR")

' Must make sure that IUSR_???? has access to the following files.
JMail.AppendBodyFromFile "e:\mail\standard_footer.txt"< BR> JMail.AddAttachment "e:\products\MyProduct.exe"

' Send it...
<center> An e-mail has been sent to your mailbox ( <%=request.form ("email")%> ). </center>