Make a sub-folder an application directory/virtual directory to run applications

By default all \wwwroot folders are already configured as application directories. This allows your applications to run from \wwwroot\bin.  

But if you try to run a application from a sub-folder ie: \wwwroot\testapp1\bin, this application will likely fail because the \testasp1 directory is not setup as a application/virtual directory.

To make a sub-folder a application/virtual directory, follow these steps:

  1. goto the Helm control panel and find your domain. 
  2. Then goto the 'Virtual Directories' icon and then click add new 
  3. enter the name of your sub-folder in the Virtual Directory Name textbox  ie: testapp1
  4. select the Physical Folder and click ok. You should see \testapp1
  5. click save

Assuming that the directory \wwwroot\testapp1 already was created, this example would make the \wwwroot\testapp1 folder a application/virtual directory and allow applications to run from the new \wwwroot\testapp1\bin directory.

NOTE: For this to work correctly, both the "Virtual directory" and "points to path" texts need to be exactly the same.  IE: Virtual Directory Name: \testapp1  and Physical Folder: \testapp1


Another example: If you have \wwwroot\testapp1\subtestapp2\bin

You would have to:

  1. set Path To Virtual Directory: as \testaspp1
  2. set the Virtual Directory Name: subtestapp2
  3. next enter Physical Folder: as \testapp1\subtestapp2

You would want to see the Virtual Directory Name: \testapp1\subtestapp2 and Physical Folder: \testapp1\subtestapp2. In this case