Secure Email - POP3, SMTP, IMAP

SmarterMail now supports the ability for you to access your email securely via your email client ie: Outlook 2007, Outlook Express etc.

Protocols supported for secure email are: POP3 (port 995), SMTP (port 465) and IMAP (port 993).

Most email clients now support encrypted connections using SSL/TLS. These options are configured for your email account in the advance settings tab, of your email client.  Just make sure you are using SSL/TLS as the encryption and that use specify the ports above for the protocols being used.


NOTES:  If you have "" configured for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers, your email client may warn you that the ssl certificate being used can not be verified. You can safely answer "Yes" and continue using your email client. All data will still be secured! 

If you do not wish to be prompted about the certificate, you can use either or depending on which mail server you are currently assigned to. To find out what mail server you are on, log into the control panel and edit one of your email accounts. Note the email server ip listed. Users with IP: will use or if you have IP: use


We have seen Outlook 2007 require these settings below:

POP3 port 995, and check the "this server requires encrypted connection ssl"

SMTP port 465, use "SSL/TLS" for the "use the following type of encrypted connection"